Premier Education 1( )

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Less
  • Backbone
  • Adapt
  • Handlebars
  • JSON


It is the Premeir Education responsive e-learning course. The purpose of the course is to provide education to its students online, providing flexability to run it on PC, smartphone, tablets and other devices.


It can work with any Learning Management System (LMS). When the course is submitted to the LMS, it becomes the part of the LMS portal for the organization. In LMS every students have account. When the Students are enrolled to the course, the LMS start to save the progress and interactivity of the students with the course. When a student completed the course it is marked as completed in the LMS and the LMS issue the certificate the student.

My Responsibilities:

  1. I Developed the course using Adapt Authoring tool and Adapt framework. Adapt is a free and easy to use e-learning authoring tool that creates fully responsive, multi-device, HTML5 e-learning content using the award-winning Adapt developer framework.
  2. Developed the responsive theme using the adapt framework.
  3. Added the contents using the Adapt autoring tool.
  4. Modified the core/third party components/extensions and developed new components/extensions.
  5. Testing and release of the course in the LMS.